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Posted in ex on February 19, 2008 by chamome

My ex cares about me. he knows my uni password for some reason and logged onto my email account to see what my tutors had been saying to me- he’s worried about my academic progress…yuth. he finds an email from some other account with this new password he’s not seen before, tries it out on facebook and look he logs onto my facebook! and what does he do but suddenly suffer from a charactersnap and deletes all of my friends and messages and favourites. So now I’m left with photos and groups and a wall. You understand I thought it was a glitch rather than sabotaged just cos it was so halfarsed.

What a jerk. I’m gonna post him something gross. got to go, class.

Oh no, wait. Now! he calls me this morning leaves an answerphone and is like “let’s be best friends”. I…